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Here is The Good News For All Scholarship seekers as Dalda Scholarship Program 2024 has been announced. Education is the cornerstone of individual and societal progress. It empowers individuals to reach their full potential and equips them with the knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to their communities. However, financial constraints can often hinder access to quality education, particularly for deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds.

In recognition of this challenge, the Dalda Foundation Trust (DFT) offers the Dalda Scholarship Program, a beacon of hope for bright and ambitious Pakistani students. This program provides financial assistance to deserving candidates, enabling them to pursue their academic aspirations without the burden of financial limitations.

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of the Dalda Scholarship Program Apply Online 2024 in Pakistan. We'll explore the program's details, eligibility criteria, application process, and valuable tips to help you excel in the selection process.

Dalda Scholarship Program Details 2024

About the Dalda Foundation Trust (DFT)

The Dalda Foundation Trust, established as an independent, non-profit organization, strives to make a positive social impact through its initiatives in health and education. The Dalda Scholarship Program is a testament to their commitment to nurturing the academic potential of Pakistani students.

Scholarship Benefits

The Dalda Scholarship Program offers a comprehensive financial support package to alleviate the financial burden on students. The specific benefits may vary depending on the program year, but generally include:

  • Tuition Fee Coverage: The program covers a significant portion, if not the entirety, of the student's tuition fees.
  • Stipend for Educational Expenses: A monthly stipend is provided to help with academic-related costs like books, stationery, and research materials.
  • Accommodation Assistance (in some cases): In some instances, the program may offer assistance with accommodation expenses.

Program Level

The Dalda Scholarship Program typically caters to students pursuing degrees at the following levels:

  • FSc (Intermediate)
  • Undergraduate Studies

Fields of Study

While specific fields of study may be prioritized based on program needs, the Dalda Scholarship Program generally supports students pursuing degrees in various disciplines, potentially including:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Information Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities

It's crucial to stay updated on the official DFT website for the latest information regarding scholarship benefits, program levels, and supported fields of study for the 2024 application cycle.

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Eligibility Criteria for Dalda Scholarship:

Before embarking on the application journey, it's essential to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set forth by the DFT. These criteria typically encompass academic performance, financial need, and other relevant factors. Here's a breakdown of some potential eligibility requirements:

  • Academic Performance: Applicants must demonstrate strong academic performance in their preceding examinations. Minimum percentage requirements may vary depending on the program level and field of study.
  • Financial Need: The program prioritizes students from economically challenged backgrounds who require financial assistance to pursue their education.
  • Domicile: The scholarship program may be restricted to students residing in specific regions of Pakistan.
  • Citizenship: Applicants must be Pakistani citizens.

Additional criteria specific to the 2024 program might be announced by the DFT. It's your responsibility to visit the official website for the most up-to-date information.

How to Apply for Dalda Scholarship:

The Dalda Scholarship Program application process is typically conducted online through the DFT website. Here's a general outline of the steps involved (specific instructions may vary):

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check the DFT website for announcements regarding the scholarship program application window.
  • Prepare Required Documents: Gather all necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, character certificates, proof of financial need, and domicile certificates.
  • Register Online: During the application window, visit the DFT website and register for the scholarship program.
  • Complete Online Application: Carefully fill out the online application form, providing accurate and complete information.
  • Upload Supporting Documents: Upload all required documents in the designated format within the application portal.
  • Submit Application: Once you've reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of your application, submit it electronically.

Remember, these are general steps. Always refer to the official DFT website for the most current and precise application instructions for the 2024 program.

Tips to Pass The Test for Dalda:

The Dalda Scholarship Program selection process often involves a written test or interview. Here are some valuable tips to help you excel:

  • Academic Excellence: Maintain strong academic performance throughout your studies to strengthen your application.
  • Prepare for the Test: If the program involves a written test, diligently prepare by reviewing relevant materials and practicing past papers (if available).
  • Develop Communication Skills: Hone your communication skills, both written and verbal, for a potential interview. This includes practicing clear and concise expression of your thoughts and ideas.
  • Demonstrate Passion: Express genuine interest in your chosen field of study. Highlight your academic goals and aspirations during the application process.
  • Highlight Extracurricular Activities: Showcase your well-rounded personality by mentioning your participation in extracurricular activities, social work, or other relevant experiences.
  • Practice Time Management: Develop effective time management skills to balance your studies with preparation for the scholarship program.
  • Seek Guidance: Don't hesitate to seek guidance from teachers, counselors, or mentors who can offer valuable advice and support throughout the application process.
  • Stay Focused and Positive: Maintain a positive and focused attitude throughout the application journey. Believe in your abilities and approach the process with determination.

Additional Tips

  • Proofread Application: Carefully proofread your application form and supporting documents to ensure there are no errors. Typos and grammatical mistakes can create a negative impression.
  • Meet Deadlines: Strictly adhere to all application deadlines set by the DFT. Late applications will likely be disqualified.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the DFT website for any updates or announcements regarding the scholarship program.


The Dalda Scholarship Program is a life-changing opportunity for deserving Pakistani students. By understanding the program details, eligibility criteria, application process, and valuable tips, you can significantly increase your chances of securing this prestigious scholarship. Remember, a well-prepared and focused application, coupled with strong academic performance and a genuine passion for learning, will make you a strong candidate.
Dalda Scholarship Program 2024

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